Friday, January 31, 2014

Meet the Zebras!

The Zebra team is made up of 5 members. Three of us are locals from La Paz, and two members of the team have come all the way from the UK.

The two British volunteers are Bennedict “Beno” McCormack and George Richards. Beno is 25 years old and studied History and English at University College Dublin. In his free time he likes to read, write and watch movies. He is the oldest brother in his family and he loves animals. George is from Banbury, near Oxford. He is 21 years old and studied International Relations and Politics in the University of Sheffield. In his spare time George loves to read, write, play the guitar, and create music on his computer. He is the youngest brother in his family.

The team - Karina, Majo, George, Beno and Mino
The volunteers will stay in Bolivia for 3 months and are already good friends. They love what they´ve experienced of Bolivia so far, and are interested to learn more about the culture and politics of the country. They think that the Zebras are an exciting initiative within Bolivian society, and they have a lot of ideas they´d like to contribute towards the project.

The Bolivian Volunteers include Milton ‘Mino’ Muñoz, and María José ‘Majo’ Velasquez. Mino is 26 years old and is about to finish Political Sciences at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés. He is also the lead singer and writer of a rap group.  Mino is interested in alternative education with children and young people and is involved with an educational project that combines storytelling and rap music. Majo is from La Paz and is 25 years old.  She is a sociologist from Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, but has also studied a semester of Children`s Sociology in Gothenburg, Sweden. She also learnt Graphic Design at ‘Atenea Institute’. She likes to work with photography, audio-visual arts, and visual sociology. 

Our Zebra Team Leader is Karina Guzman.  She studied commercial engineering in Bolivia, and also studied for a year in Tokyo, Japan. While living there she developed a passion for Aikido, which she still practices.  She also studied jazz dance and is very interested in the rights of people with disabilities. 

The team is really excited about the Zebra Project because we are all passionate about working with people. So far we have worked really well as a team, and even won the ICS treasure hunt around La Paz! 
We are the Zebra Team, and we´re excited about taking on the Zebra passion and attitude in our work over the next few months! 

Written by Mino and Majo
Edited by Sarah 

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