Monday, March 31, 2014

The first meeting of citizens of the world

It’s been a wonderful journey with this two amazing guys, we teach and we learned along the way, the friendship between two worlds doesn’t have borders when is about interchange of cultures.

Three months was not enough for all the plans that we had, we will meet soon and we will accomplish the goals that we have together.
Ben the Irish warrior with rebellious ideas, George the wise and lovely English with a lot of talents, you guys settle down this project that has born and is ready to be big.
You give all your efforts to make this project big especially in research.

We will always remember the zebra training and how you were open minded and practice your Spanish, showing that you guys are really friendly and ready to meet other realities and unknown people that at the end became friends.

In the zebra training and the workshops you demonstrate your hidden talents and abilities, for example in theater where you were an important part of the machine ;)
Inside the zebra suit you put all the knowledge about the zebra philosophy like ban is not to educate, respect happiness and you shared this with all the volunteers.

Before the big event of Hug Day we had a new challenge, we needed to set a choreography together with some people of the office,  it was not all positive because we were not experts in dancing and we were nervous to perform in front of strange people. But at the end that day was unforgettable, we put all our efforts to be at the level of the Zebras and we nailed it! We reach the goal of twenty thousand hugs and we felt like we belong to this special crew.

In the office, the activities were interesting because even when the work was hard we keep up with energy and enthusiasm, we share life experiences and we discovered that we have a lot of things in common despite coming from different backgrounds and parts of the world.
The zebra volunteers told us that they learn important things from us, like first aid, human rights, cultural exchange and noise pollution. These workshops were fun and educational within the help of other members of the office and the creativity of the volunteers. 

We learn from the zebras that their job is not easy; that you have to work hard to pursuit your dreams. 

We thank all of the zebra team, the GAMLP, VAM, and the office staff, with your help we reach the goal that we set at the beginning. 

We love you both.

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