Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mino and Luz

We are happy to be sharing a fun and interesting experience together with Gio and Joey, our two new volunteers from England and Australia, respectively.

Together with all our team members; Karina our Team Leader, Joey and Gio, British/Australian volunteers, and ourselves Mino and Luz, the cooperantes técnicos, we are really excited to put our ideas, plans, goals and hopes into action in order to achieve success with this great project of raising awareness of noise pollution.

It is so important for us to have this time on project with them (just as it should be for all citizens of La Paz), as it gives us the motivation to build on our own hopes and ambitions to ensure that citizens have a better appreciation of our city. As such, we as the “Zebra Team” feel very pleased and are hopeful that we will reach our goals, with the objective of maintaining continuity and long-term stability of the project for citizens to feel a source of acoustic harmony and emotional well-being.

Sharing these wonderful experiences and learning from all the incredible people that we meet along our path is an interesting challenge, as we are blending cultures, customs, languages and ways of life from a range of backgrounds, which eventually all come together through a simple hug.

The project “citizens of the world” brings people together to strengthen the programme “La Paz without noise” from the Cultural Department of the Autonomous Municipal Government of La Paz, not only to provide ideas and support, but to also help develop a structural change for ourselves and our fellow citizens.

The task of raising awareness is not an easy one, as people are not always willing to listen, pay attention or put into practice what we are trying to explain and raise awareness of. However, we are fully confident that people will get involved in this project, as they themselves will be directly benefiting from it.

It is, and always will be, a pleasure to be able to share this experience of taking action to address such an important situation in the life of the Zebras, and also of the citizens of this beautiful city, which will soon be La Paz, without noise. 

Written by Mino Muñoz and Luz Lanza.

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