Friday, July 18, 2014

Cohort 8! - Luz from the Zebra Team

The project Citizens of the World “Zebras for a silent La Paz”, along with the Citizenship Culture Office of Autonomous Government of the city of La Paz, have been developing, the last three months various activities to strengthen the "Cebras de La Paz". To learn from them and join forces in what is raising awareness of noise pollution in La Paz. This is why we have created and structured workshops and various other activities in which both ICS volunteers, Zebras urban educators volunteers and related persons have joined forces to accomplish this great objective.

Various workshops have been facilitated such as noise pollution, which was shared by staff of the Office of Environmental Management, where we showed the noise pollution in La Paz, the most affected areas, preventions and computer data on the subject, for and to strengthen the pillar that we as a challenge. Another interesting workshop was the first aid, it was a talk from our friends from RUSF (Experts in Rescue), who taught us different risk situations, and how to deal with them and learn more about this topic, as it is very important that all know how to handle certain types of risk. The workshop on Human Rights was truly amazing because all were engaged and wanted to know more and in my opinion, we had a great feedback; the boys were very attentive to the history of Human Rights and all that was discussed in the workshop, we share a very interesting afternoon filled with intellectual enrichment for all whom shared it. Another great and interesting workshop was  Cultural Exchange, where in an honeymoon trip Mino and Luz traveled through many countries, it involved volunteers from the other projects of the ICS, IS staff, our beloved Cebritas and our friends, it was very interesting see the commitment of everyone presenting each a little about their home countries; and of course we also talked about our beloved Bolivia. To close this fun afternoon we shared a delicious Apthapi prepared by our Zebras and ICS volunteers, finally we played the famous game British Bulldog that is the English version of the traditional Bolivian game pesca-pesca.

Complementing all the work we have done, we also developed an educational module on Noise Pollution, where British volunteers have created activities to show the damage that excessive noise can cause and the precautions that we have to take to take proper care of our audition more effectively. During these three months we had activities such as "The Day of No Honk" where more than 600 people, including students, volunteers from various NGOs and others joined this strong cause. The Faculty of Medicine opened the doors to us to raise awareness about this matter; we also were a visual point doing routines in crosswalks, traffic lights and the Plaza Triangular in Miraflores area.
We also had the "Zebra for 1 Day" where all ICS volunteers joined this beautiful experience of being Zebras for 1 day and were part of the great work these people do every day in the city, was very interesting and exciting because before starting there was a reflection that became guided by one of the Zebra leaders and everyone took part of this great challenge that is to work on public roads.
After three months of hard work, exciting emotions, mixed feelings and course a Zebra attitude in full swing, we said goodbye to our volunteers and with the same expectation hope to continue with new volunteers arriving with the vitality that characterizes the Zebra spirit and course set more goals, more challenges and a great desire to continue each day, joining hands to carry out this great plan of life and education that we have proposed.

Written by: Luz Lanza

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