Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The cherry of the cake – Welcome new zebras!

Sometimes it feels like time is a master of scam making you feel that 24 hours are just 8 and three months are only 3 weeks. We just waved bye to cohort 8 (which is actually cohort 2 for our project), Gio and Joey, who constructed an educational module for children of 6-12 of La Paz and visited various schools located in the noisiest areas of the city among our fabulous partner ‘Las cebras de La Paz’. Together we reached 645 children and also supported ‘The Day of no Honking’ in the hospital area of Miraflores, going to spread the message of ‘Siente La Paz / Feel The Peace’ to schools of the area, pedestrians and medicine students.

What a rollercoaster it was! More ups than downs though and always lots of fun. A million things that will not be forgotten and so many lessons learnt in the best way - which is through doing them. The challenge of development projects is not only hard work, but constantly pushing yourself to expand your limits further and further and through tears and laughter realize you have grown. This battle is one equally shared by volunteers, staff and our beloved zebra striped partners who are our main focus; actually witnessing their growth is what fuels us every day to also keep growing and to not give up regardless the hindrances. The most important skill they teach us is to enjoy every single step of the path.

And again two weeks ago we welcomed our third cohort: two young new zebras that completed the team again! Alastair Carr ‘Ali’ and Sean Fleming –who has incredible similarity with a movie star- came to inject energy and a lot of innovative ideas and perspectives. Everybody could feel from far away they had just the right attitude. The whole team rejoiced to have such marvelous volunteers. A deep breath of fresh air we took and on we go to write our 11 weeks booklet that will contain many more adventures to rock the world of paceños and paceñas to make them more and more aware of how important is to turn down the decibels of the city and turn up the peace.
Mino, Sean, Karina, Ali, Luz.
As my last cohort as team leader with ICS it just feels like the cherry of the cake to a wonderful journey I had the privilege to start. So with a huge smile and open arms I welcome the new cohort and say let’s bring it on zebras! Keep tuned in because we promise this go will be memorable.
The ICVs and the Team Leader of 'Ciudadanos del mundo' - Zebra Project
Written by: Karina Guzman

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