Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Traveling “Cebreando” - Mino from the Zebra Team

This story begins over 37 years ago, on a journey in search of learning, experience, work, follies, problems, solutions, joys, personal-, social-, and international- development: a journey that makes dreams come true.

This time, I Milton Muñoz as your narrator will take you on this journey through writing: The "Ship" to guide our destiny could be called "British International Service."
Travelers are spread in various specific areas, also called "projects". That means that any "project" or traveler is equal to the other. The "Projects" are based on education, health, information, support, logistics, receiving, building, communication and development.

Many travelers also called "volunteers". Some travel for 6 months, others travel for 1 year, others for 4 years, 3 months and many others travel again for another time. Beautiful people did and do join the "Ship" with common goals: to promote, learn, fight, implementing human rights by reducing poverty and most importantly: to change the world.

Other travelers also called "partners" who travel in their own way, welcoming visitors to their lands, exchanging knowledge, skills, language, laughter, tears and especially culture.
Me, my Team Leader Karina, and my colleague Luz, were waiting with hope and excitement for new travelers, who arrived on July 7.

We had already done several activities and made much progress in January with foormer travelers, Ben and George. We started with professional research on noise pollution, focusing on the damage noise can cause to health, especially to people’s ears. We continue with activities of physical training where we met our community partners who had skin striped black and white and big hearts that gave joy to us. The travelers got off the ship in March and began a new journey of rediscovery and deepening of ideas.

The second stage of travelers, Gio and Joey, in April, was a different and unforgettable experience. They were two "soldiers" of action, with whom we produced a learning module with fun activities for children aged 6 to 12 years old. Their smiles lighten our lives. We, the travelers, provided many hugs for the stripy partners with a big heart. They undertook another trip in March leaving the "ship" with a new outlook on life and personal growth goals for society.

At this stage our third group of travelers finally arrived with a lot of energy to learn and new challenges. They were assigned a different place to live; they would have to take the opportunity to interact with Bolivian friends in their new land, new mothers fathers and sisters.

I was standing next to the stripy partner, called Zebras, waiting for the new travelers called Ali and Sean. With them on the trip, we will do many activities; these include the creation of a "magic box” to remove noise and environmental noise pollution in La Paz achieving "feel La Paz without noise."

We continue learning, reaching towards our hopes and dreams, and traveling in our international "ship".

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