Tuesday, August 19, 2014

By Sean and Ali from the Zebra Project

The Cebra team has had a busy but productive couple of weeks. Here are a few photos to show you what exactly we’ve been up to.

Karina and Mino letting themselves go at our action Friday event ‘cebra for a day’.

(L-R) Sean getting attached. Ali performing a one man Macarena while his bemused ‘team’ watches on.

Our triumphant entries into the first photo competition of the cohort. (L-R) Ali’s 2nd place photo from the 6th August parade. Sean’s winning entry of his host family attempting to push-start the family car (note that the photo was taken from within the car)

 (L-R) One of our regular, unexplained and transcendental moments of inspiration. Edel and Ali preaching the truth to the youth.
Mino and Sean getting their ‘teach’ on.

When the cebras aren’t teaching themselves we hold weekly workshops with them to help them articulate their thoughts on noise pollution, international development and their own progress.
Our lovely cebras in action! 

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