Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The First Few Weeks - Cebra Photo Diary #1

The following photos are a brief summary of our initial couple of weeks in Bolivia on the Cebra Project (Las Cebras), from our touch down in country and settling in to our new Latin American home – to our first taste of project work; the planning of our installation which will hopefully become the centrepiece and crowning achievement of our work with Las Cebras (more to come on that in the following weeks)

We are Sean and Ali.

We are Zebras.

Left to Right: Mino, Sean, Luz (arguably), Karina and Ali
Añadir lLa Paz from above (aka a big bowl of cereal), landscape of Mt. Illimani and bus window.
Sean looking tremendously happy in Valle De La Luna, Ali (not pictured, Sam and Ella), and Sean row row rowing his boat.

A micro, a ZEBRA. And Sean strutting around Plaza Abaroa
Meeting the host parents. Left to right: Sean and Karen locking eyes from across the room, and Ali and Soledad sharing an undeniably intimate embrace.
3rd place in the Treasure hunt disappointment, and finalising our working calendar for Cohort 9.
Noise pollution leaflet draft, ‘the box’ draft, and whiteboard scribblings.
Ali and Sean, relaxing amongst some reeds.

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