Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Volunteers, new challenges, let's go!

The adventure for Zebras for a Silent La Paz gets more and more exciting, as there have been  many changes in our project. We have a new Team Leader, Euge; a new challenge is that of working with extra volunteers  this cohort - four great people, Naza, Claire, Ellie and Guy - that are binding to the magic of being Zebras and who continue working for a La Paz without noise; and on the other hand, this is the last stage for Mino and me, since in this cohort we will say goodbye to our beautiful work of being Zebras. We are starting with a brainstorm of ideas that will enrich the project, as we want to engage with more of the work that the Zebras are involved in  and propose more activities.

We had our first workshop to meet our great group of Cebritas , which was as always a pleasure for us because our volunteers shared a little about the places they came from, and we talked about our expectations for the work that we will do in this period. The boys are as full of energy and enthusiasm as we are, which is a good sign for making all the things we want to do really happen, such as creating an educational module for teens about noise pollution which aims to raise awareness and prompt action amongst young people.

We will continue developing our workshops with the Cebritas to further strengthen their training and to have the opportunity to share knowledge around everything that the work of this period will involve. We plan to reactivate the acoustically insulated room  (The Box), to invite many more citizens to undergo the experience of feeling a La Paz without Noise. Also, we plan to paint a mural to share a message about  noise pollution; and our adventure involves even a survey, in preparation for running modules around noise pollution with  drivers of public transport in the city of La Paz.

To start with new challenges is always a form of change, and all change is good , so here we are almost halfway through this grand, fun and enriching cohort, to experience one more  adventure in this magical experience that enwraps  each of us and everyone that has been, is or will be  a Zebra.

By Luz Puebla Lanza
In Country Volunteer

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