Monday, December 15, 2014

The flight

Hello everyone. I’m an earth walker. I took a plane that was bound for a flight of dreams and hopes, in which the requirement to get in was “if you change, the world changes” and I personally decided to board the plane because I felt like my objectives were getting deeper as days passed by. During this journey, the destination was still unknown; nevertheless, the process would be an incomparable experience, interesting and unforgettable.
The external and internal process of growth generated diverse abilities, situations and enquiries. The sacrificial work gave small and big results. There was learning and teaching, there were conflicts and difficulties. The encounter of “mountain” and “crown” cultures; the exchange of dreams and thoughts. A redefinition of peace and life, of justice and equality. There were spring forests with roses, bottles and stairs that climbed up to a new time.
Our souls which found and discovered each other knew that the journey would have much adversity, and, at the same time, a high flight, a flight towards new territories, with smiles and tears, with effort and reactions, with strength and support. Of personal, social, material and spiritual work. Of pure childish joy that built a temporary land of community.
Winds that were transformed into hurricanes, many times created visions and missions, shaped life and thoughts  that strengthened or weakened the creation of each one of the souls that were flying with the passage of time.
Will can many times overcome [U1] obstacles that will appear during the journey, this is why the will to change society must grow and be reborn more than  a million times. The will to feel alive, even though reality may destroy that[U2] , has to strengthen our values and principles in social justice. This will could never be destroyed, not even through the appearance of a progress, nor through differences in thought. We are all beings of light and consciousness, we are volunteers of the creation of hope, and we are a movement without end but with a clear beginning, the will for a better world, we are a whole divided that re-encounters itself in different circumstances of the freedom the flight.
“Volunteer work is a creator school of awareness. It is the effort made in society and for society as an individual and collective asset and it transforms that higher consciousness that allows us to accelerate the process of movement towards a better society”. Ernesto Guevara.

 [U1]oveOr ‘can many times overcome’??
 [U2]Or ‘may want to destroy that’?

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