Tuesday, January 20, 2015

After being part of this team, nothing will be the same for you.

(C11 Team. I'm the one missing)

We started 2015 with the arrival of a new Team Leader for the Zebras team, Chiara Carridi, who along with me and our two new “Cooperantes”, Debbie Garcia and Judith Rivera, will start working in the progress of our project. They have been an incredible support and so far we have managed to create a great working atmosphere. Their proactiveness has pushed the project's new perspective. Noise Pollution will never be understood in the same way in this programme. It will change your life. I promise. 

Before starting to get into detail I would like to welcome our new team of UK volunteers of Cohort 11: Joseph, Lloyd, Daisy, Lauren, Silvina, Anjali, and thank them for betting for Bolivia and ICS. I have high expectations on what their presence will contribute to the project, I'm sure that once again, we will take things further than what we thought we would.

 As National Team Leader, I have noticed how each cohort becomes a new chapter and a new story that’s traced differently under what we pretend to make a same floor. However, Bolivia is an unpredictable country. Everything that happens here, either macro or micro, forces you to become an expert in solving unforeseen problems of last minute, so nothing can actually stay in the same way.

For me, the Zebras for a Silent La Paz Project must achieve something particular: An inner and transcendental revolution in the lives of those who are part of this team. Only then we will be able to achieve an external change. I know first hand that we achieved that with our previous team (C10), and of course, we will continue with that tradition.

We decided to go a little further on the work with our Zebra friends by seeking for more interaction with young people from other youth centers in La Paz city, which will allow our UKV's to connect, interact and work sharing and exchanging their best skills and talents to the youth of all sectors of the city. Working with street children, youth from El Alto, drivers, Hospitals, etc. We’re taking Noise Pollution to another level, realizing that its root dwells in us, the people, and that is why we must understand our culture and what are the attitudes that generate this problem. We’re going to give a fun, social and intercultural approach: starting from promoting Leadership and human rights in order to understand how Cultural citizenship can help us become part of one community, despite cultural and race differences, and finally making this whole sense concrete by being active in the problem of Noise pollution. All that package in order to make that famous "Active Citizenship" a tangible action. We're going to learn from Bolivia and its people down to the core. In this cohort we’ll be ambitious and dreamy with what we want to achieve, without being afraid of daring to try! 
That's a Citizens of the world Attitude. That's our distinguished attitude.

Welcome Zebra team, let’s make of Noise Pollution a great revolution!


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