Sunday, February 1, 2015

Starting with the Zebras. Facing the challenge.

By Debbie García. 

Being a new member of the Zebras team was a big challenge for me. I knew some general things about the project and of some of its previous achievements and weaknesses. I was previously aware that the partner was going to be in training during this cohort, so it would be difficult to work with them in the same way he had done so far. So with that in mind the team decided to be proactive and not just sit and wait, but begin to propose new ways of coping. We got entities and foundations that were more than happy and grateful to work with us and having our help. This is how we got to work with the hospital where we are going to do a base line that will be surveyed to patients and employees, to be able to have a better understanding about the perceptions of noise pollution in the area. We also plan to do a mural on the outer walls of the facilities and design posters and leaflets to help raise awareness around La Paz. We believe it is very important that people take responsibility for their actions, because this problem is not only due to drivers or pedestrians, but the because of lack of education and commitment of all of us.
We will also work with a foundation in which we will teach topics related to noise pollution, cultural citizenship and human rights. The workshops are for young people, as they are the ones who can become agents and continue spreading the message.
I think we will continue working on the same issues that the project already had and under the same topic, but this new approach gives a little twist of freshness to it and we will be able to have new experiences and learn as well as teaching skills to young people that hopefully can help La Paz city to become a better environment for everyone day after day.
We have a wonderful team of volunteers who are eager and excited to work with the project, so our attitude is 100% positive and we are ready to face any challenge that comes in our way.

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