Friday, March 27, 2015

Things I've learnt...

by Chiara Cariddi

 It is hard to add to what has been written so far by my fellow Ciudadan@s del Mundo, but I'm gonna try my best.
My experience in La Paz with International Service - Bolivia has been very pleasant, intense, demanding and frustrating at the same time.
As you might have read in our previous blogs, many things have happened in the project which have contributed to shape it in a very different way. But this was the less relevant element.
Coordinating a project, taking over from different groups with different ideas, managing a variety of people's expectations (including my own), constantly mediating, finding a balance between what you think it should be done and what you know can be reached... All these elements -and many more- have made this experience extremely challenging and instructive.
I have learnt -hopefully- that no matter how hard I can try, some things cannot be changed, and this is something quite new for me, considering how determined and stubborn I am.
I have learnt that some of the things that I thought made me an effective and resolute worker -my frankness, speed, impatience, perfectionism- do not necessary appeal everyone. And it is OK.
I have learnt that while I am good at organising and leading some people, I am incapable of doing the same with others.
I have learnt that some people think they are amazing whereas they are not; while others do not appreciate how good and talented they are. And I have tried my best to make at least the second group open their eyes...
I have learnt to be more patient and not to tell people to f**k off, even when I thought I had the right to do so and, honestly, it was needed.
But the most important thing I have learnt is that there are so many young women who are so strong to be able to smile at life, even if life didn't smile at them. And I would like to thank them for this huge life lesson!
To finish off I would like to thank to all the others who have contributed to make my experience in La Paz life-changing. I am gonna miss you all!



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