Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Working on the Citizens of the World project

Beginning work with this project has been a rollercoaster ride. With the new structure of having two team leaders and six volunteers, it has been an extremely interesting process.

This cohort we have had the pleasure of working with two new partners: Foundation Alalay and Foundation Arco Iris. In both foundations’ centres we have touched on different themes such as non-violent communication, noise pollution, motivation, self esteem, leadership, human rights and love and relationships. These workshops were given through the mediums of sport, painting, and yoga and meditation. Through these resources we have succeeded in getting closer to our audience of young people older than twelve.

Both institutions shelter teenagers that are in vulnerable situations, and many of the cases that the centres deal with are sent to them by the Children’s Ombudsman.

Through the evaluations that we completed, we have been able to verify that the teenagers have taken the ideas on board, especially those that reinforce their self esteem and motivation to begin planning their lives.  

One of the most significant activities that we completed to help to reduce the levels of noise pollution was to paint a mural outside the hospital de clínicas. This mural was conceived as an initiative to raise awareness about noise pollution amongst drivers. The hospital de clínicas is one of the biggest in the city of La Paz and is situated in one of the zones that is worse affected by noise as theire are not designated transport stops and there is a lack of clear signposts for drivers.

Before starting to paint the mural , we carried out approximately 150 surveys inside and outside of the hospital. The results of these surveys showed that there is a clear problem with noise pollution that effects the patients, salespeople and passers-by.

We were invited to participate in The Hug Day (día del abrazo). The objective was to give the most hugs possible in order to spread love and happiness amongst the population. During this activity a press photographer took a photo of a hug between one of the volunteers, a woman and a zebra that appeared in the newspaper.

This cohort we successfully started new activities, now in this last stage of the project the goal will be to propose a sustainable and viable strategy for the continuation of the work that can be replicated in the future by our partner, the Directorate of Citizen Culture.

Niñas Obrajes centre where we worked with girls older than 12

The whole team during mid-term evaluation. From left to right: Lloyd, Joe, Eugenia, Daisy, Debbie, Anjali, Judith, Silvina, Lauren, Chiara and Eric
El día del abrazo (hug day)

Mural about human rights in Casa de Paso of the Arco Iris Foundation

Taking surveys outside the Hospital de Clinicas

Final event in Casa Esperanza, in which all of the International Service volunteers, all of the Arco Iris centres, and six zebras participated.

The first photo of the Citizens of the World team

Mural to reduce noise pollution outside the Hospital de Clinicas

Our volunteers. From left to right: Anjali, Joe, Daisy, Silvina, Lauren and Lloyd

Painting the terrace in Casa Refugio, one of the Arco Iris centres

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