Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cohort 12!!!!

Well, so far this cohort we have completed around four weeks of work. At the moment we have a big team of volunteers with which to try and finish the different activities and coordinate the Citizens of the World project so that it has a sustainable and prosperous future. This cohort we have many ideas for the volunteers, who seem to have quickly grasped the thread of all of the plans that we want to carry out.
At the moment in this cohort we have planned the following tasks: paint a mural on the wall of Hospital Obrero; deliver the modules about noise pollution in drivers’ schools; we will have the privelege of being  zebras for a day next Wednesday; intercultural exchange workshops with the Urban Educators (the zebras); manage an event focussed around a minute of silence on the 29th April (Global day to raise awareness about reducing noise pollution); and last but not least, ellucidate our strategy to reduce noise pollution in a document that can be delivered to our partner.
At the moment much of the work that we have done has been carried out in the office and in different places where we can find wifi access. We have been very lucky to start this cohort with a close relationship with our partner organisation, the Department of Citizenship Culture (DCC) with whom we are working in conjunction to make the event on the 29th April a reality. As well as this, we have already had two workshops with the Urban Educators (the zebras): in the first we explained what International Service Bolivia do and in the second the zebras talked about why they have chosen to participate in the scheme, and how the DCC works.

On top of all of these activities that we are preparing, the volunteers and readying their guided learning presentation with a new theme. The enthusiasm of the volunteers at the beginning of this cohort gives the impression that this group will be incredible!

Danni and Elo working hard

Kate and Madlen thinking intensely

The team during the zebras workshop
Kyran, Rowan and Kate

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