Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Day of no Honk!

You are cordially invited to ‘Dia de la no Bocina’ on Wednesday 29th April, in Plaza Camacho. This event, held by International Service and the Zebras promises to be a fun filled day, teaching the public about noise pollution and respect through a variety of creative activities.

Face Painting
Everyone, from small children to old men, want to have their face painted as a zebra. Our talented team of face painters will be on hand all day to paint various zebra themed motifs, incorporating the Bolivian flag and beautiful mountains. These dedicated artists will paint numerous faces all day, only stopping for a small ice cream break when the sun gets a bit too hot.

Plant a Sunflower
The only thing better than planting your own beautiful sunflower is simultaneously ‘planting’ a value at the same time. So as your sunflower grows, so does your value, prompting you to become a more active citizen in the community. As International Service and the Zebras want to better La Paz, the sunflower values all follow a theme of how we want to change positively change La Paz, for example bringing Peace or Cleanliness. Hopefully as time goes on, the sunflower and values will grow to make a more peaceful La Paz.

La Paz can be a stressful city – all the hustle and bustle and noise can make it difficult to find any peace of mind. Our 15 minute long yoga sessions offer the perfect chance to unwind and relax while teaching the importance of peace in reducing stress. You might even be able to catch a Zebra or two unwinding in the tent throughout the day!

The headline act of the event, this public display of dancing from the Zebras and International Service volunteers will surely grab passer-bys attention! The simple to learn steps and waving ribbons will make it easy for the public to join in, making it a very interactive affair. With the press involved and a youtube video in the making, this flash mob should get the message of noise pollution across La Paz and further.

NB Unfortunately this event has passed, so if you’re looking for a bit of face painting or yoga, you will be disappointed! But working this event with the other International Service volunteers and the Zebras was an amazing experience. Being part of such a positive event was very inspiring, every activity focussed more on promoting peace and respect rather than condemning noise, a mantra that the Zebras have been focussed on from the start. The Zebras are the perfect partners for this kind of event – their everyday presence in the city, encouraging drivers and pedestrians to respect each other and the road, meant that they could use their image and popularity to encourage people to join in with our activities. Children especially adore the Zebras, and you could see many children eagerly tugging their parent’s hands so they can join in with the Zebras dancing. The public were all very curious, and engaged in activities with enthusiasm. I know one event won’t solve La Paz’s noise problem, but hopefully many more days like this, we can change people’s attitudes and La Paz for the better.

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