About this ICS project

The concept of this project is based on the theme of auditive disabilities to reduce the decibel levels caused by traffic and use of the carhorns.

This partnership was built on a long standing working relationship between International Service and the Local Government of La Paz since 2005 in various areas including disability rights, citizen participation, local and community development and intercultural development.

The project focuses on three main areas:

1. Measure the actual level in the entire municipal district on auditive contamination
2. Develop Lines of Actions that will permit the reduction in the auditive contamination through the work of the Zebra Programme
3.  Develop acoustic barriers through the city through reforestation
4.  Promote the “La Paz without Noise” Programme

The La Paz without Noise programme is related to strengthen the collective awareness in the area of acoustic and environmental contamination.

The British and Bolivian volunteers will contribute to the development of the “Urban Zebra Peer Educator Programme” in the development and implementation of the educational actions of the local government’s department of Citizen Culture taking into account that the function of the Urban Zebra Peer Educator is for the transformation of attitudes and customs to achieve community and citizen co-responsibility

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